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"Everyday -from our hands, minds and souls -we send messages of love. Creations made by Gloria Agostina do that in every detail, shop window, on every hanger and every picture: our creations are for a bride... Communicate with us... 

We talk about harmony, beauty, elegance, love, respect... We work with passion for your most important day of your life, and we hope all your wishes come true through our creations!"

Gloria Agostina was in contact with more than 10 years as wedding planner with Bride Fashion; then she realizes truly what a bride wants. What she wants from her wedding dress.

Through her latin roots she could design sensual and sexy dresses, which shows not only the feminine and romantic side of a bride, but also her sensuality, independency and proudness to be a bride, the chosen one!

She like to see a beautiful, sexy women, to see that the women shows her sensuality, not only her beauty… a women should be sensual, seductive, she wants to look the best in her special day, and she should be proud with her body….

Simple it’s not in her repertoire … only sophisticated and exclusive designs….it’s the biggest day in the entire life to be a bride… you should give it all… Your dress should be a magnet of compliments! You don’t want another guest to have a dress more spectacular than you! You should be the center! It’s your day!

She start to study the complexity of tailoring and textile, start to manipulate the textile, because she know you cannot be a good designer unless you know yourself how to sew… and then the design with the tailoring emerge perfectly, into a symphony of art!

What she likes the most is to be a trendsetter, a pioneer in designing, look in front of others, what is next to come…

 So step in this beautiful universe of luxury textiles, sophisticated accessories and amazing designs… choose Gloria Agostina for your wedding dress!

We distinguish ourselves by our design, sexy, modern and two quality levels (Premium silk and standard materials). We are the only brand who offers wedding dresses in two quality levels.  All dresses are designed in Switzerland, produced and photographed 80 % in Switzerland, 20 % in Europe. Our catalogs are available also in colors. 


Gloria Agostina GmbH

Gerenhalde 6

8317 Tagelswangen


Phone: +41 (0) 52 536 40 20

E-Mail: office@gloria-agostina.com

We highly recommend you visit our Atelier as we have different designs in each and we want you to have the widest choice! For appointments please contact: +41 79 109 77 79 , info@gaweddingdresses.com

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